Cozy Winter Botanicals Sofa/Couch Cover

Sale price$145.00

Color: Meadow wheat
Size: 71″x90″
Introducing our winter-ready chenille sofa cover – the ultimate comfort companion for pet parents! Featuring a stylish winter fern pattern, this soft and plush cover is not only skin-friendly but also the perfect cozy retreat for you and your furry friends. With its durable, textured design and wrinkle-resistant fabric, it's an ideal addition to any pet-friendly home. Plus, it effortlessly transitions from a sofa cover to a warm bed throw, ensuring both style and functionality.

  • Botanical pattern for a touch of winter charm
  • Soft and comfy, perfect for pet snuggles
  • Wrinkle-resistant with a high-knit density
  • Tailored for pet families, offering both style and functionality
  • Doubles as a sofa cover and a cozy bed throw for ultimate versatility