Hand-Woven Pet Bed

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Color: Bright lilac purple
Size: S
This unique design permits you to give your pet a sense of safety. You can fold and twist the bed into the desired shape for entertainment, interaction, or maximum snugness, or just make a cozy room for your cat to snuggle. Cats love to spend some time in the cave but also love to explore what you can put inside (toys, treats, catnip).<br data-mce-fragment="1">Using high quality inner felt and outer short-haired PV velvet, the cat bed is free from toxic flame-retardant chemicals, PBDE. It is moisture-proof and highly scratch-resistant.<br data-mce-fragment="1">Another kind of great option is to link several D. Ball together and get a very nice cat tunnel where cats can rest, hide, observe, or play. Try all kind of shapes and find the one your cat enjoys the most.<br data-mce-fragment="1">Easy to clean. It can be fully hand-washed and air-dried. It is very lightweight and easy to store. If you decide to put D. Ball away for some time, you just need to fold it.