Koala Komfort 2-in-1 Cat Bed

Sale price$185.00

Color: Misty mountain
Size: One-size

Introducing the Koala Komfort 2-in-1 Cat Bed, where playtime meets naptime for your feline friend! This foldable indoor cat tunnel bed offers hours of entertainment and cozy relaxation all in one. Made with durable facecloth fabric and a non-slip bottom, it ensures safety and comfort for your pet. With a 2-in-1 design featuring a toy tunnel and a cozy bed, it's perfect for hide-and-seek and cat naps. Plus, it's easy to clean with detachable and washable parts! • 2-in-1 design for versatile indoor fun• Durable construction for safety and comfort• Perfect for hide-and-seek and cat naps• Easy to clean with detachable and washable parts