Playful Paws Interactive Cat Bed

Sale price$235.00

Color: Checkered kiwi
Size: One-size

Get ready for feline fun with our Playful Paws Interactive Cat Bed! Is your kitty in need of some excitement? This bed comes packed with built-in interactive toys to whisk them away on thrilling adventures, stimulating their hunting instincts and brightening their mood. Crafted with durable glass fiber rods, it's sturdy enough to handle all their playful pounces. The plush double-sided cushion ensures they're cozy and comfy, while the anti-slip base keeps the party going without any slip-ups. And assembly? It's as easy as a purr-fectly timed pounce with Velcro! • Engage hunting instincts with sound paper and catnip.• Durable glass fiber rods for stability and fun.• Cozy polyester cotton and fluffy fabric.• Anti-slip base for stability and security• Quick Velcro assembly for instant playtime joy!