Plush Paws Timekeeper Pet Bed

Sale price$88.00

Color: Sunbeam waltz
Size: One-size

Introducing our Plush Paws Timekeeper Pet Be, where luxury meets lounging for your furry friend! Crafted from the finest materials, this bed offers superior comfort and durability. Your pet will love rolling and lounging freely on the cloud-like softness of the delicate flocked fabric. Plus, with its 10cm thick pad, it provides optimal support for their spine, ensuring they wake up feeling refreshed and ready for playtime. And cleaning up? It's a breeze thanks to the sturdy, hair-resistant texture!• Delicate flocked fabric for ultimate softness.• 10cm thick pad to keep your pet's spine happy.• Sturdy, hair-resistant texture for hassle-free maintenance.• Full-padded cotton for durability, with anti-slip bottom for stability.