Royal Bowtique Pet Bed

Sale price$108.00

Color: Lily linen
Size: S

Step into the world of luxury with our Royal Bowtique Pet Bed fit for your furry monarch! This plush palace offers unrivaled comfort, boasting a rich sponge filling to keep your kitty purring with joy. Crafted from pet-friendly polyester fabric, it provides gentle support and relief for your pet's precious joints and muscles. Fear not messy mishaps—every detail is easily removable for washing, ensuring cleanliness and longevity fit for royalty. With a non-slip bottom, this bed stays firmly in place, offering stability and peace of mind during regal lounging sessions.• Plush pet bed fit for furry royalty.• Rich sponge filling ensures ultimate comfort and relaxation.• Easily removable details for hassle-free cleaning and longevity.• Skin-friendly polyester fabric provides gentle support and relief.• Non-slip bottom for stability and pea