Terms of Payment:

Payment Terms are rules that govern how payment methods are used. You have the choice of using or not using a payment method. However, by using a payment method, you acknowledge and agree to the rules associated with that method, and these terms will be incorporated into your contract with Stripe.

  • American Express
  • Apple Pay
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Visa

There are payment methods for which there are no specific payment terms, thus the list above is not a full list of the ones that Stripe accepts.

The availability of payment methods differs geographically as well. You might not be able to use one or more of the payment options mentioned above depending on where you are (or that are otherwise offered by stripe). In your Stripe dashboard, the payment options that are accessible to you are listed.


Amendments and changes

Payment methods exist from different suppliers, and each one has influence over the limitations that apply to its individual payment method. In light of this, it is your business to continually evaluate the terms and documentation to make sure you are aware of and following all applicable requirements. The terms and Documentation applicable to a payment method may also be updated from time to time.

Payment methods may be added or changed at any anytime by Stripe. Except in cases where the stripe is forced to stop serving the payment method by a third party (such as the payment method provider), the stripe will provide you notice even before removal takes effect for you.

Redirection to online banking pages

Some payment methods (referred to as "Online Banking payment methods") necessitate that the purchaser be sent to an online banking website. If you use an Online Banking payment method, you must make sure that the client can see the bank's URL in the address bar of the browser and can check the security certificate for the bank's online banking website in order to understand that redirection has taken place. Furthermore, when implementing an online banking payment method into your payment process, you are not authorized to utilise any frames (or any other technique that incorporates that online banking page inside of the content of your website).

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