Pawesome Striped Wash 'n' Wag Bed

Sale price$248.00

Color: Contrast couture
Size: One-size

Dive into the snuggle-fest with the Pawesome Striped Wash 'n' Wag Bed, where every zzz is a journey to dreamland, draped in stripes that scream "chic!" This isn't just any dog bed; it's a plush throne for your furry monarch, offering a realm of softness where worries fade and comfort reigns. Picture your pooch parading into a land of cushy high-density foam that whispers "goodbye" to joint aches and "hello" to blissful naps. • Stripes that make a style statement.• Cushiony kingdom of high-density foam.• Cloud-like cuddles on ultra-soft plush.• Effortless cleaning with a machine-washable cover.• A stylish addition to your home decor.